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What are Effective Treatments for Watery Semen?

Having watery semen is not good news at all for any man looking to impregnate his partner. If you have watery semen, don’t hesitate to try the following treatments below:

Lifestyle changes

The following lifestyle changes can have a great impact in improving sperm count and semen quality:

Reduce your stress level

High levels of stress can lead to hormonal imbalance and reduction in your libido and hence, low sperm count.

So, do your best to stay away from stress. Learn to simply relax and carry on with your work with no frustration.

Navigate towards stress-free activities to boost up your sperm count.

Changes in diet

If you eat a healthy diet with nutritious foods, you can avoid having watery semen. Such foods are rich in selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and vitamin B12.

Weight management

In general, obesity or excess weight can lead to numerous diseases and one of them is watery semen which occurs due to low sperm count. If you suffer from high body fat, you will be linked with severe damage to sperm cell’s DNA, a major cause of fertility problems.

Hence, to avoid having thin semen, it is mandatory to have and maintain a healthy weight, especially couples trying to conceive.

Get proper sleep

Sleep is important for the brain and sexual activity since the brain releases sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone which are completely responsible for better sexual life.

So, to avoid having watery semen, sleep for at least  6 to 8 hours every day so that your entire body and brain get rest in order to function efficiently every next day, all things being equal.

Do your exercises regularly but wisely

Do only exercises that are healthy for reproductive system as a man. Do exercises that won’t increase your testicles’ natural temperature because that will kill you sperm cells.

Therefore, avoid exercises like cycling and even excess exercise.

Lower intake of alcohol

Alcohol affects your sexual life so negatively. Drinking excess alcohol can decrease the quality and quantity of sperm cells.

Have safe sex

Practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like chlamydia and gonorrhea as they can lead to infertility.

Simply having sex with many women can reduce your semen level and cause various unwanted conditions. Go for a monogamous relationship only.

Stop smoking now

Smoking has several side effects such as damaging the DNA of sperm cells. Even the level of proteins in sperm reduces in the body. Know that DNA and proteins are vital for sperm development and when they decrease, men suffer from watery or thin semen.

Take Natural Foods

Eat only foods that have the right nutrients for the benefit of your body, for example:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Most fish, particularly wild salmon, haddock and cod
  • Vitamin D enhanced milk & milk products
  • Walnuts
  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Whole wheat and grains
  • Garlic
Natural Herbs to Cure Watery Semen

First of all, sometimes low sperm count or watery semen can be temporary because of an infection or deficiency in zinc.

Your doctor may suggest using supplements or some antibiotics for treatment.

In fact, many men search for natural ways to treat the problem, for example, using herbal remedies.


It is one of the most potent ingredients for improving sperm count and rendering your sperm thicker. It also triples as an aphrodisiac and a treatment for impotence.

Tribulus Terrestris

In addition, Tribulus Terrestris can also help you as a powerful treatment for watery semen and low sperm count besides treating male sexual dysfunction.


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