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Why I Love Juicing and You Should too


Why I Love Juicing and You Should too

You have most certainly heard a lot about the health benefits of eating vegetables and might have been practising it. But have you tried juicing your veggies? Do it and thank me later. 

It’s the best and easiest way in my opinion to improve, not only our overall health but for treating many health complications. 

People I’ve helped introduce juicing to and myself are living examples of the health benefits of juicing. It’s been so much of a life changer that I can’t imagine living without it which is why I juice all the time.

Do we Really Need to Juice? 

Yes, of course! Let’s face it; in a world bombarded with pollutants, chemicals, electro-smog, WiFi and many resulting illnesses and ageing complications, we need natural extra help to heal daily and stay fit and healthy. Juicing has brought so many people with chronic health problems back from the brink of death or major debilitation. It’s a powerful preventative measure that also helps your body to cleanse and heal.

Here ( in the picture attached) I just made my green juice with a bunch of kale, three medium-sized carrots, one pear, 3-inch ginger, 3 garlic cloves and half a lemon. I didn’t have beets at home today, so I went with what I had.

What Makes Juicing so Beneficial?

The juicing process extracts virtually every nutrient out of your veggies or fruits and delivers them as vibrant nectar. Juices contain high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients. The juicer breaks the food down for you sparing you the usual chewing and 
enabling the juice to readily infuse into your body cells. The rapid absorption of the nutritional content is quite beneficial for your health.  

What I Love About Juicing…

❤️‭ I love the fact that juicing provides me with su1ciently high amounts of nutrients, such as ‬vitamins and minerals

❤️‭  I get to enjoy green vegetables which means absorbing chlorophyll, a  building block for blood‬

❤️‭ I love that juicing gives me already well broken down food that gets easily absorbed into my ‬body cells, boosting my immunity 

❤️‭ I love how vibrant and alive I feel immediately after I drink a freshly made veggie juice

❤️‭ I love the lively aroma that juicing brings to my kitchen.‬

❤️‭ I love the mouthwatering tastes of any good combination of juiced veggies. The ‬
delicious taste and healing from good juicing can make the healthy practice almost impossible to stop. 

Which Kinds of Foods Should we be Juicing?

Always go for natural or organic vegetables and fruits. That’s what provides the most benefits to people 
I’ve helped with juicing including myself which they are testifying about. If you don’t juice natural or organic, you’ll be feeding yourself with a concentrated dose of herbicides and pesticides besides beneficial nutrients.

Juice hard, leafy and green vegetables‭ such as:‬

✅‭ beetroot‬

✅‭ celery‬

✅‭ fennel‬


✅‭ sweet potato‬

✅‭ broccoli‬

✅‭ carrot‬

✅‭ kale‬

✅‭ bok choi‬

✅‭collard greens‬

✅‭ nettles 

✅‭ dandelion greens‬

‭If you don’t buy organic hard vegetables make sure to always peel the skin before juicing them.‬

Add herbs or warming spices‭ ‬such as‭:‬



✅‭ mint‬

✅‭ coriander leaves (cilantro)‬

✅‭ fennel‬

✅‭ lemon balm‬

✅‭ Lime‬



‭✅Habanero pepper‬

‭✅Basil ‬

Note that with a single or twin geared masticating juicer, you’re good to go. But keep sweet fruits to a minimum of 10% -20%to avoid high sugar spikes and vegetables at a ratio of 80%-90%.

I hope you’ve found this juicing article helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below or share your experience.




Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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