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You May Have Prediabetes Unawares. Find Out Now!


Do you know that you may have prediabetes without a clue? Many people who have diabetes didn’t even notice it when it was at the prediabetic stage. That’s why in the United States, one in three adults have prediabetes.

Finding out that you have prediabetes is never easy because it doesn’t come with any symptoms or warning signs. But, the best thing you can do to save yourself from eventually getting Type 2 diabetes is to know if you have prediabetes to stop it in its tracks.

What exactly is prediabetes?

It is a condition in which your blood has too much sugar, but not to the level of having diabetes.

There is nothing more important about managing blood pressure-related disease than constantly controlling your blood sugar, also referred to as blood glucose. Blood sugar is the main sugar your blood gets from the food you eat. Your body uses it as its main source of energy.

You don’t want your organs, especially your kidneys damaged because of too much sugar in your blood.

Risk Factors for Prediabetes

Having a healthy lifestyle can push away the hard-to-find symptoms of prediabetes. But if you return to your unhealthy ways, they will come back. And if you are more than 45 years old, do everything necessary to push back against prediabetes. Besides, here are medical issues that increase your risk of developing prediabetes:


·         High blood pressure

·         High cholesterol

·         Cardiovascular disease

·         Diabetes in your family

·         Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

·         Overweight

·         Sedentary lifestyle


Subtle Signs You Need to Check for Prediabetes Though Signs Of Prediabetes are Hard to Tell

Look at these symptoms below and find out if you have any of them. If you do, don’t consider it prediabetes, but bring it up to your doctor. One never knows!

·         Excessive thirst

·         Dry mouth

·         Blurry vision

·         Cold feet and hands

·         Frequent urination

·         Increase in urinary tract infections (UTI)

·         Itchy skin

·         Increased irritability, anxiety, or nervousness

·         Strange sensations (numbness, pain, burning and tingling in your extremities

·         Frequent infections

·         Unexplained weight loss

·         Slow-to-heal wounds

·         Thick, dark, velvety skin patches particularly near your armpits, neck and elbows)

·         Unusual fatigue

To know if you have prediabetes, consider doing a blood test. These different types of tests are more or less like those used for diagnoseing Type 2 diabetes. Talk with your doctor to be checked if you have the condition or not.

Reversing Prediabetes

If your health test reveals that you have prediabetes, don’t hesitate to do everything safe to protect your health. Note that the majority of people who get diagnosed with prediabetes end up with Type 2 diabetes within 10 years. Take this time to examine your health and protect it before it’s too late.

Reversing prediabetes takes up to 3 years and this includes changing your lifestyle. How can you reverse prediabetes after a diagnosis? These steps can help:


·         Be drinking lots of water.

·         Embrace eating a clean and healthy diet.

·         Reduce your body weight to between 5 and 7%.

·         Give up smoking.

·         Take walks or do 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week


If you have additional info on how to prevent or stop prediabetes, or you want to indicate the part of my post that has resonated with you more, please leave a comment on the comment section below.

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